Research and Development

In early 2020, driven by the so-called Corona pandemia, a completely new business sector has been generated in a very short time.


Taking advantage of our global network, Zoz Biotech provides all kind of disinfectants, protective clothing and whatever “medical” items are under massive demand. Above all, these are simple breathing masks FFP2 and similar. The trading volumes do not describe just truck loads, but rather aircraft loads.

Technological independence, our country’s need.

In this context, we discuss the fortunately reawakened need in our country for technological independence. Since we trade corresponding medical and completely simple articles millions of times, it might make sense to manufacture those goods, which are under urgent demand in Germany, by oneself and then on mid-term to “utilizing” high-tech.

Manufacturing FFP2-masks, why Zoz and why at Sauerland/Germany ?

a) we are good at precisely this
As an innovation awarded machine and system manufacturer, recently we e.g. have developed and built the pre-industrial manufacturing plant for the generation/extraction of natural rubber from dandelion roots and then for years operated this plant here at ZTC on behalf of Continental AG. We had the opportunity, to co-work on the process development for many years together with our partner Fraunhofer-IME, today we (IME + Zoz) jointly work on the rubber extraction from banana peels (LINK).


Process engineering solutions, including those on exotic topics, are not uncommon for us, neither are new business areas.

b) Joint-Venture on resources
Of course, also here we are also considering to utilizing our global network to profit, e.g. by walking into a joint venture with an Asian supplier, particularly for saving time.


That could save redefining raw materials and semi-finished products (fleeces), searching for access routes etc.

c) product set-up, product-innovation
We are still at the forefront of recognized developers and manufacturers of nanostructured materials. Thus it may make sense to incorporate so-called nanosilver into the fabric of the masks before the thermally assisted shaping, in order to in such case, due to the antibacterial properties of Ag, keep a mask sterile not only in the packaging. Nano because the then incredibly much larger surface impacts incredibly much more, that much more, that the material cost of silver is practically no longer significant.

Likewise, e.g. our partner ARCI at Hyderabad/India (LINK Zoz-ARCI Center) works since many years on system-independent drinking water treatment units (catalyst structure with nano Ag coating) and also on the incorporation of nanosilver into textiles.


The products in India until now are limited to socks and shirts that do not smell badly even after long periods of wearing.

d) getting away from disposable items by nanotechnology
Finally, the today’s disposable item could e.g. be accomplished inside with a layer with nanosilver and outside with a washable surface. This may result in repeated elimination of multi-resistant germs and reuse ability.

In result-II, such fleeces and textiles could not only allow active health-promoting masks, also protective suits, gowns, bed linen and permanently sterile dressing could become available.

In result III, one would practically go for the entire hospital, from simple wall paint to the lacquer on bed frames.

e) unpredictable innovation scope, example Mexico and FuturBeton
In the past, together with our partner CIITEC-IPN in Mexico, we made extremely fine chili powder and incorporated in-situ in cement material. Still today, you don’t want to touch the many-year-old specimens with your unprotected skin ! The public bridge Rosenthal at Olpe county / Germany, made of nanostructured super concrete (Zoz FuturZement, 2012) is not affected by this, but proves that comparatively huge amounts can be produced economically.

In Mexico we wanted to keep vermin away from buildings and at that time had overlooked, that on capsaicin (makes the chili hot), only mammals do react.


However, all known multi-resistant germs (still) do react on silver.

f) set-up of a production-cell FFP2
In April 2020 we therefore sent a proposal to German authorities to cooperatively set up a “FFP2 production cell”. To date, nothing has been implemented but now, after becoming aware about the “sustainability” of the Corona reaction, we will start over again.

November 2020
Zoz GmbH