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wheat hull parts
nutritious, tasty, organic

If wheat is ground to flour, sieving also produces wheat bran, basically crushed husks and leftovers. Significantly nutritious, very tasty, popular as muesli or for baking bread, wheat bran is also used in naturopathy. The sieve fractions are divided into bran, semolina bran and bran flour. Bran contains more shells, bran flour has more starch.

If wheat bran coarse grain is mixed with a few percent binding agent, e.g. fat or molasses, the mass, can be pelletized e.g. in a screw extruder or a die press. This increases the apparent density as an essential factor for storage, transport and, if necessary, also portioning cost.
Wheat bran pellets in pellet sizes of 6, 8 or 10 mm have a apparent density of approx. 1.1 kg/dm³, a raw fiber content of approx. 10%, residual moisture content of 10-15% and a maximum ash content of approx. 3%. Ingredients approx. 15% protein and approx. 20% starch.


cost evolution according to the Mannheim Product Exchange e.V. / Germany